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* Data obtained live from Emre Hotels weather station.

Marmaris has a Mediterranean Climate characterized by a hot and humid summer and cool, rainy winter. Showers and rain are very unlikely between May and October.

MARMARIS Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Temperatures Measured in Long Period (1975 - 2006)
Average Temp (°C) 10.7 10.8 12.7 15.9 20.6 25.5 28.3 28.0 24.7 20.1 15.2 12.0
Average Max Temp (°C) 15.1 15.3 17.6 20.8 25.8 31.3 34.4 34.2 30.8 26.0 20.3 16.4
Average Min Temp (°C) 7.0 7.0 8.5 11.4 15.6 20.0 23.0 23.0 19.9 15.7 11.3 8.5
Sunshine (hours) 4.2 5.0 6.3 7.4 9.2 11.0 11.2 10.7 9.2 7.1 4.8 3.6
Maximum and Minimum Temperatures Measured in Long Period (1975 - 2007)
Max Temp (°C) 20.7 24.0 28.4 31.0 36.0 42.2 45.2 42.6 40.7 39.0 31.6 22.2
Min Temp (°C) -2.4 -3.4 -1.2 1.4 8.0 12.5 16.8 16.7 12.8 5.5 1.4 -1.0
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* Data obtained from Turkish State Meteorological Service.

General Info

Marmaris is a popular resort-town located in the southwest coast of Turkey, south of the province of Mugla, where the Aegean and the Mediterranean seas meet. Surrounded by the Gokova Bay in the North, the Mediterranean in the South, Datca in the West and Koycegiz in the East, Marmaris is a natural harbor, with a long shore-line. It has become a tourist paradise with the large number of bays and antique cities in its vicinity, its natural beauty, its famous blue voyage, its yacht harbor for 800 boats and the possibility of taking part in all types of water-sports.

Marmaris is one of Turkey' s premier holiday resorts, built around a sweeping natural bay at the foot of steep pine-covered mountains. The old town is a maze of twisting little streets and alleys with whitewashed houses in the Turkish style amid an excellent shopping bazaar. Marmaris is ideal for water sports, sailing, relaxing in the sun or strolling along the palm tree-lined "Riviera" style promenade. You could also visit one of the numerous night spots or restaurants of the town.

The old part of town is a residential area around the castle. The old houses, all under preservation, and the narrow streets leading to them, are a delight to explore: There are some classic examples of Mugla architecture on display. Marmaris has spread out around the castle hill and along the shore, but the growth of tourism has led to planning permission along the shore to be granted only to hotels. Marmaris is a year-round home for many foreigners, a large number of whom have yachts in the modern marina. The population rises from 15 000 in winter to around 75 000 in summer.